I never thought at 12 years of age, when I started playing guitar, that I would some day be passing on my knowledge of guitar in order to support a family. But it has truly been a blessing teaching guitar over the past several years. It has been rewarding to see it bring joy into so many peoples lives. If […]

So this video is about a songwriter named Matt Michaelis from California who almost gave up on songwriting after losing his voice. He started playing guitar, which reinvigorated him. I was lucky enough to be able to record the drums at Studio 14 as well as mix and master the songs. Matt also had me sing on a song called […]

As a studio owner when my kids come ask me if they can record music, I try to make it happen. For the past several years my oldest and I have had a common bond with music. I like some of the stuff she listens to. She pretends to like some of the stuff I listen to or styles of […]

When what you hear in your head you can recreate in the recording studio. Doesn’t happen every time, but last week I was feeling really nostalgic and listening to some of my favorite bands from my youth and I came close. I wanted to do a cover of a song that sounded like the band, but still sounded like me […]

Every now and again I like to review new equipment, mostly guitar pedals, guitars and amps. I recently ran across a very usable pedal that emulates a guitar and bass guitar cabinet. The Digitech CabDryVR. What is nice about this pedal is that it sound like a guitar cabinet. Which means, it’s small and can be taken to smaller gigs […]

So for about a year now I’ve had a key on my Yamaha Motif keyboard, that sticks and then slowly comes back up. I searched YouTube on how to fix this but found that people were replacing keys(ordering a replacement),then I happened upon a video where a guy just swapped out a key from higher up the keyboard with the […]

Wow, what can I say about Eric Lo, this guy knows his stuff. From building his own microphones, guitar amps, preamps, cutting vinyl records, and offering a one stop shop for musicians, Audio Inn Recording has it all. I had a great time visiting with Eric and checking out his studio and gear. He was also nice enough at the […]

I’d rather be busy than not busy. Music helps me keep my sanity. The last couple weeks have been especially busy. With my daughters band rehearsals and mixing music, playing in bands, recording for others, producing my own music, and shooting a music video or two.

I am hoping this will be on my new record. It’s a bit of a play on words with my last name. My nickname growing up was Bish and good friends still call me Bish. This song touches a little bit on depression with a little schizo/bipolar involved as well. Its also about a mix of people or friends I’ve […]

My friend Brandon who is a drummer stopped by and we did a little drum recording in the studio. We didn’t go to crazy with the microphone set up, a Sampson kick drum mic, Audix mics on the toms, and some cheap small diaphragm condensers on the overheads and still got some great results. Brandon is a great drummer who […]