I’d rather be busy than not busy. Music helps me keep my sanity. The last couple weeks have been especially busy. With my daughters band rehearsals and mixing music, playing in bands, recording for others, producing my own music, and shooting a music video or two.

I am hoping this will be on my new record. It’s a bit of a play on words with my last name. My nickname growing up was Bish and good friends still call me Bish. This song touches a little bit on depression with a little schizo/bipolar involved as well. Its also about a mix of people or friends I’ve […]

My friend Brandon who is a drummer stopped by and we did a little drum recording in the studio. We didn’t go to crazy with the microphone set up, a Sampson kick drum mic, Audix mics on the toms, and some cheap small diaphragm condensers on the overheads and still got some great results. Brandon is a great drummer who […]

How many times has the sound guy handed you a recording from the sound board, only to pop it in your CD player, or pull it up on DropBox, and have you say every time, “there has got to be a better way.” “We don’t sound like that.”? A mix from the sound guys board never translates because they are […]

Guitar playing and all things guitar is really where my heart is. Last year I had the privilege of interview Austin Weyand a local finger style guitarist here in Utah. This video features his interview and also how I record electric and acoustic guitar. I also show my pedal board, it is always changing by the way. So the version […]

Over a year ago I decided I wanted to start a YouTube channel dedicated to Utah Recording Studios and information about recording, recording gear and equipment, but mostly to learn more about production for myself. I had already been producing for 20 years when I started this, but I knew that recording music and learning about recording, studio design and […]