Over a year ago I decided I wanted to start a YouTube channel dedicated to Utah Recording Studios and information about recording, recording gear and equipment, but mostly to learn more about production for myself. I had already been producing for 20 years when I started this, but I knew that recording music and learning about recording, studio design and knowledge is a life long pursuit. The following are some of my visits to some of these recording studio’s and interviews with producers who are making real impact in Utah. Most have been recording and producing or playing music for most of their lives. Thanks for watching!

For more information on recording or if you would like to book a recording session with me or any other studio featured in this video, please call me at 435-720-3345.

Huge Sound Post Production – Recording Studio in Salt Lake City

June Audio – Recording Studio in Provo Utah owned by Scott Wiley

Audio Inn Recording – Salt Lake City base studio owned by Eric Lo

Annex Recording Studio – Alpine Utah Recording Studio, Producer Joe Haze

Spiral Studios – St George Utah based recording studio, Ryan Tilby interview.

Counterpoint Studios – Recording studio in Salt Lake City, engineer Mike Greene

Pale Horse Sound – Salt Lake City recording studio, producer engineer Greg Downs

Art City Sound – Recording Studio in Springville Utah, engineer Jason Jones

Noisebox Studios – Provo Utah base recording studio, engineer Dave Zimmerman

Platinum Sound and Mastering – Bountiful Utah recording and mastering studio, Barry and Michael Gibbons

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