What do you get when 4 moms from different backgrounds all end up living within blocks of each other in a small Utah town? Heavy Metal Music of course!!!

New comers to a Mothers Of Mayhem show might wonder what they are in for, when they see these ladies come out on stage in their 50’s era fashion and dress’s, but don’t be fooled and get ready to Rock!!

Back in the 90’s I met their guitarist Jami Chandler Taylor in college, we went skiing together, (she shreds the slopes!) I also invited her over to my apartment once, a date per say, but she claims she doesn’t remember that… Oh well! We also were both playing in different college bands at the time, her in StarO, and me in BrotherSage.

Jami runs a really cool new website called http://modernguitarapproach.com/ where you can learn how to play guitar in a very cool way, and with teaching techniques Jami has designed to make it fun and easy.

Anyway, Jami reached out to me recently and asked me to help produce a song and video for Mothers Of Mayhem. They chose a metal version of “Sweet Dreams” by the Eurythmics. Needless to say these ladies knocked it out of park, with heavy riffs and killer harmonies!!
I had a lot of fun recording these 4 rocking ladies. They are all experienced musicians on their own, put them together and the Rock intensifies!

You can watch the video below.

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