So I just reviewed this amp for a guitar store in Logan, called Main Street Guitars. My first real amp was a Fender, I played that thing till it died and then some. I had it fixed several times and finally sold it for parts. A few years ago I bought a Fender Deville. I love it with pedals, but never really dug the dirty channel, just not good saturated gain like a Marshall amp or a Mesa Boogie can pull off, plus it was so heavy I just got tired of hauling it to gigs. 2X12″ speakers, was just a pain, even with casters, was just two loud for about every gig I played with it.

Enter the Fender Bassbreaker 30R, This thing has a 1X12″ speaker, 30 watts, and 3 channels of tasty Marshallishy gain. For my review I wanted to record this in a way that would capture the true tone I heard. I put a Shure sm57 on it but it just wasn’t doing the amp justice, so I added a ribbon mic and that was it. This amp does everything, from pristine cleans tones to distorted high gain glassy goodness. It does have some weight to it, but not enough to hurt and is easily moved around, it would be easy to haul to gigs. I am tempted to trade my Fender Hot Rod Deville in towards this amp. Do yourself a favor and check out this amp. Click below to check it out on Amazon, and you can watch my review below as well. It’s also available at Main Street Guitars in Logan.

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