I recently got to sit down with Scott Wiley again, at his studio, June Audio. The last time I talked to him he was located in what seemed more like a business building. This time the back of an old house. A few years ago when I talked to Scott he wanted to build his dream studio with 2 Wes Lachot designed rooms. Today, he has done just that. He has built on the back of this old house located in downtown Provo two beautiful recording studios, and a bonus gear room to store the countless drums, mic’s and guitars Scott has amassed over the years.

The studio is conveniently located behind a popular venue “Velour”, which has helped launch such acts as Imagine Dragons, Neon Trees, and The Aces. Scott is well know in the Provo Utah area as a producer/engineer and has brought the music community together by putting on a concert series every year called the Roof Top concert series. Talk to anyone in the area into the music scene, and they have probably heard of June Audio and Scot Wiley. When I was there it was his open house and he had just opened his doors to the public, but he took the time to sit down with me and talk and give as a tour of the place, which was amazing. Each studio is centered around a world class console and tons of amazing outboard gear. Studio 1, an API console and Studio 2 a Daking console. Scott had both desks redesigned so he could fit a monitor or screen in the desk. Scotts main goal was not to just have a lot of cool gear, but to create a place where people had the tools imaginable to make great art and music. I think he has done it!

Enjoy the Video below of my interview and tour with Scott.

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