I introduced this song to my kids on the way home from my Nephews wedding back in November 2020. A few weeks later they were like, “hey dad can we record that one?” Greyson has only been playing drums for like a year, so I told them if Greyson learns it we’ll do it. With no gigs in sight due to the pandemic, playing music with your kids is the next best thing, or might even be better. Anyway, Greyson did learn it and this is a cover of The All America Rejects tune “Swing Swing”. We kept it pretty close to the original except for Saige adding synth instead of organ which is on the original. I also took some liberties with changing up the guitar solo and making it a little longer…

The song was mostly recorded live with some vocal and a couple of guitar overdubs/additions later. Recording technology these days has made it so easy to get good sounds and get them quick.

Anyway I enjoy recording and doing the video work for music videos, this whole video was shot here in the Studio in just under and hour. Editing may have taken longer. The video is below, thanks for watching!

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