Exciting news! My “Electric Hymns” album just hit Spotify today!

I always liked the hymns, but I’m not really a singer, I’m a guitarist. I never found singing in the choir that interesting. Although I’ve been asked to play my guitar in church or stake conference several times, always at the last second I would get a call that said, “sorry guitars aren’t approved for such meetings”… Which lead me to believe, well, maybe Jesus doesn’t like guitar… 😁 but that can’t be true! Guitar is one of the most expressive beautiful instruments ever! Especially the electric guitar. Enter my new album “Electric Hymns” done on electric guitar, and in no way distracting from the sacredness of these timeless hymns. If you always wanted an alternative to some of the greatest hymns ever written, this record is for you. Maybe your not religious at all, but I encourage you to check it out anyway. There are three original compositions as well. Thanks!

You can listen below.

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