About the Studio

Studio 14 is a complete recording studio based in Perry/Brigham City Utah.




Rich has been involved in music production for over 20 years now. ….Rich’s vision in starting “Studio 14” comes from being a working musician and wanting to provide a way for other working musicians to make great sounding records without having to go to Nashville or LA and without spending a fortune. As the main engineer in the Studio, I work very hard and dedicate my abilities to the success of any album or demo project that comes through my door. I’ve created a comfortable environment for my clients to record in. We are located in Perry Utah. I use state of the art equipment to obtain sounds of today as well as the classic sounds of yesterday. I will be happy to help you with any of your guitar, bass guitar or drum parts. I have been playing guitar for over 20 years and am well versed in various styles of guitar. Please consider “Studio 14” for your next recording project.

What We Have To Offer:

Studio 14 offers an awesome and affordable recording experience. Whether you are recording a whole album or demo, we offer exceptional sound quality at a price you can afford.

  • Recording- Using high grade microphones, analog microphone preamps and other analog gear we can record you or your band. This includes bands, singer song writers, instrumentalist, choirs, ensembles etc… This part of the process is how we get all the sounds into the computer, or in olden days they used to call it “to tape”. Each part is recorded to a separate track to prepare it for the mix process.

  • Mixing- Once all the parts have been recorded, we take all the parts and balance them, make them more punchy, add other effects depending on the project or your taste in sound. This is the part where we can be creative in giving you the sound you want, although a lot of that comes from you and the recording process, the mixing process can add amazing results depending on your performance. Be aware that mixing a project from a whole band, with lots of parts/tracks, can take longer than just a singer with a guitar, or a piano piece.

  • Mastering- Once the mixing is done, we render the tracks/parts down to a stereo track. At this point we can polish this song by adding EQ, compression, some limiting(professional audio nerd terms) and making the track the right volume. Mastering is also the phase in the project where you might decide on song order and matching volume levels from song to song, although with artists releasing EP’s and one song at a time these days mastering has turned into a basic overall polish of the stereo mix, usually not extreme but just enough to make the track radio ready or ready for release on all the digital streaming platforms. For more info on mastering click here.  http://richbischoff.com/mastering/

  • Listen to samples of finished song done at Studio 14 here.  http://richbischoff.com/listen-to-studio-samples/