Studio 14 Sound

Studio 14 Sound – World class recording studio based in Perry/Brigham City Utah.


Rich has been involved in music production for over 20 years now. ….Rich’s vision in starting “Studio 14” comes from being a working musician and wanting to provide a way for other working musicians to make great sounding records without having to go to Nashville or LA and without spending a fortune. As the main engineer in the Studio, I work very hard and dedicate my abilities to the success of any album or demo project that comes through my door. I’ve created a comfortable environment for my clients to record in. We are located in Perry Utah. I use state of the art equipment to obtain sounds of today as well as the classic sounds of yesterday. I will be happy to help you with any of your guitar, bass guitar or drum parts. I have been playing guitar for over 20 years and am well versed in various styles of guitar. Please consider “Studio 14” for your next recording project.

What We Have To Offer:

Studio 14 offers an awesome and affordable recording experience. Whether you are recording a whole album or demo, we offer exceptional sound quality at a price you can afford.

  • Recording- Using high grade microphones, analog microphone preamps and other analog gear we can record you or your band. This includes bands, singer song writers, instrumentalist, choirs, ensembles etc… This part of the process is how we get all the sounds into the computer, or in olden days they used to call it “to tape”. Each part is recorded to a separate track to prepare it for the mix process.

  • Mixing- Once all the parts have been recorded, we take all the parts and balance them, make them more punchy, add other effects depending on the project or your taste in sound. This is the part where we can be creative in giving you the sound you want, although a lot of that comes from you and the recording process, the mixing process can add amazing results depending on your performance. Be aware that mixing a project from a whole band, with lots of parts/tracks, can take longer than just a singer with a guitar, or a piano piece.

  • Mastering- Once the mixing is done, we render the tracks/parts down to a stereo track. At this point we can polish this song by adding EQ, compression, some limiting(professional audio nerd terms) and making the track the right volume. Mastering is also the phase in the project where you might decide on song order and matching volume levels from song to song, although with artists releasing EP’s and one song at a time these days mastering has turned into a basic overall polish of the stereo mix, usually not extreme but just enough to make the track radio ready or ready for release on all the digital streaming platforms. For more info on mastering click here.

  • Listen to samples of finished song done at Studio 14 here.

The following tracks were recorded, mixed and mastered at Studio 14


Chunky by Quinn Brown Project

Brooke Seamons – You Don’t Have To Say

Emma Larson – Happy

The Weather Man by Matt Michaelis

This is Gospel by Saige

I Got Ya by Matt Michaelis featuring Shawni Rae

Scream by Jenn Tru


Hard To Write You

Seasons Change

Animation, Final Destination

Animation, Re-Animation

Rich Bischoff, Mine Again

I Don’t Need Her


Waves and the Sand by Cary Laine

Love for the Ages by Cary Laine

Boots and Pearls by Cary Laine

You Loved Me You Left Me by Jenn Tru

You Break Me by Jenn Tru


Barbaloot Suitz, Around

Tina Ferguson

Tina Ferguson 2

The Neighbors

Paul Christiansen 1

Paul Christiansen 2

Paul Christiansen 3


Gear And Tools


  • PRS Custom 24 SE
  • Fender Loanstar Stratocaster
  • Fender Baja Telecaster
  • Taylor 310 CE acoustic
  • Baby Taylor acoustic
  • Fender Standard Strat
  • JTV-59 (line 6 variax)
  • Banjitar
  • Yamaha FG 300 acoustic
  • Ibanez RG 550
  • Epiphone Les Paul Standard
  • Harley Benton TE-30 Tele
  • Harley Benton Vintage Les Paul
  • Harley Benton SG

Keyboards and Controllers

  • Yamaha motif 8 full weighted keyboard
  • Zoom R24, 24 track field recorder, controller and sampler
  • Presonus Fader Port


  • Warm Audio WA-47
  • Audio Technica 4050
  • Studio Projects C1
  • Rode NTK
  • MXL V67G
  • Rode NT1A
  • Oktava MC012s
  • Shure sm57s, 58’s and Beta 58’s
  • Audix, Sampson and Senhiser drum mics
  • MXL and Nady modded ribbon mics
  • Blue Bluebird Stereo Pair


Yamaha Stage Customs, Pork Pie Big Black Snare, Sabian, Paiste and Zildjian cymbals.


  • Waves Diamond Bundle
  • Slate Everything Bundle
  • Klanghelm Bundle

Outboard Gear

  • Neve 511 Mic Pre
  • API 512c
  • Focusrite ISA One Mic Pre
  • Joemeek VC1Q Compressor Enhancer Mic Pre
  • Behringer Ultragain Pro Dual Tube Mic Pre
  • Brent Avril 1073 Mic Pre
  • Golden Age Pre73
  • DBX 560 A compressor
  • DBX 530 parametric EQ


  • Protools HD
  • Reaper Pro
  • Cubase


  • Yamaha HS5’s
  • KRK Rokit 6 g2
  • Event 20/20’s


Mastering is a critical, final step in the recording and mixing process. Mastering can bring out the best in your mixes by balancing out frequencies, helping your mixes translate well on all listening environments, enhancing the overall energy of a track, bringing continuity to all the tracks on an album or EP, and also bringing up the loudness to commercially acceptable levels.

What Mastering CAN’T Do For Your Mixes

Just so we’re clear. Mastering can’t make a bad mix sound great. It just can’t. If the mix is bad, so will the master be. Sorry to break it to you.

All that being said, proper mastering can help make just about any mix sound the best that it possibly can. Your mastered tracks should sound just like your mixes, only better!

What’s Included?

When I master your mixes I go through a series of steps to ensure they sound their absolute best. My mastering workflow looks a lot like this:

    • Custom EQ on each track for better balance
    • Multiband compression to even out bass response and sibilance in the top end
    • Stereo widening for better separation and clarity
    • Limiting and loudness maximization for commercially acceptable, but still musical tracks
    • Meta data tagging of album art, CD-TEXT, and other track information
    • Proper spacing and fading of tracks on an album or EP

Mastering Rates

I offer a simple per song flat rate approach to mastering rates. Every project is different with a different number of songs. With this per song rate you don’t over pay for having a “shorter” EP or album. You only pay for the songs you have.

Mastering Package – $20/song 

It couldn’t be easier. When you’re all done mixing your lastest song or project, send it my way and let me put that final coat of polish on it. I’ll do as much or as little as I have to in order to take that mix to the next level.

Mastering Work

To give you an idea of what I can typically do in the mastering phase, I’ve pulled a “before” and “after” example. Listen to the two versions below (of the same song of course). The first versions is the original mix with just a limiter on it. It sounds fine. The second version is after I’ve taken it through a typical mastering session involving anything from EQ, multiband compression, saturation, to stereo widening.

Specifically listen to the bottom end (kick and bass) sounding a bit fuller, the snare drum a little fatter, the width of the instruments, and a little more clarity to the high end. FYI,  listen on headphones to really hear the nuances of the mastered version.

“Love For the Ages” Final mix with only a little Limiting:

“Love For the Ages” Mastered Version: 



Control Room


Control Room

2015-05-30 19.37.42

Live/Drum Room

Amps and Pedals








Mic Preamps and other


Cary Laine from the “Voice Season Six” talks about her music and about working with Rich at Studio 14.
becc4fcf9ab9665723364b8ef50f6986_original“I was lucky enough through moving to Pinedale and playing at the Rock Rabbit, to meet Rich Bischoff with “Studio 14″ and we played a little bit of music together, and then I Facebooked and online stalked him and found out he had this super awesome studio. I really needed to record some stuff and it was a really great experience. Top notch, everything sounds good, I have been super pleased with everything. It was fun, chill, laid back and top notch product. Rich really listened to all my girly descriptions of how I want stuff to sound, he gets it, and it has just come together really really well!” Cary Laine

“I live in CA, and worked with Rich remotely by sending my tracks to be mixed, processed, and mastered. He also added drums and other things as needed (he has a great network of musicians to access). I was 100 percent satisfied with the final product – Rich is responsive, efficient, knowledgeable, flexible, and has all the tools required to be able to make great sounding songs. As a musician, songwriter, singer, and producer, he “gets” the whole process and makes it very easy. Best of all, his rates are very reasonable. As a result, this year I am very excited to be recording my entire EP this way. It’s really awesome to just record the tracks and have him finish it off! Looking forward to sending future work his way!”

Matt Michaelis

“Our recording experience with Rich was exceptional! As a newer band at the time, this was one of the first studios that we had the privilege of working in. Rich provided a relaxed atmosphere, that made us feel right at home, while at the same time worked very efficiently and professionally. The studio had top notch equipment, that is frequently upgraded and Rich has a great ear for any style of music. We were very happy with the finished product and now, having spent time in other studios, we would recommend anyone to Rich Bischoff!”

~The Neighbors~

“My experiences recording with Rich Bischoff at Studio 14 have been many, and they have always turned out better than I had imagined they could ever be. Over several years I have recorded three full-length records and two EPs at Studio 14, and Rich has always been a great producer to work with. Whether I was working on a simple stripped down song with just vocals and guitar or a full band rock tune with kicking’ drums and screaming guitars, Rich has helped me achieve the direction I was going for, both sonically and structurally. Rich has a bevy of great gear, and his studio and recording capabilities are always expanding and getting even more impressive. No matter what stage of your musical exploration you’re in, from first studio experience to making your debut album, Studio 14 is the place to go. You’ll always get you a recording that sounds like you just stepped out of a big-name California studio costing you a lot more green, and Rich Bischoff will do everything he can to get you the record you want and the record you deserve!!”

Paul Christiansen, singer songwritter, multi-instrumentalist.

“Rich Bischoff and Studio 14 get the job done. With a musician’s ear and a knack for gear Rich will help you create a solid product.”

Austin Weyand, Fingerstyle Guitarist.

“I worked with Rich at Studio14 to record two tracks for my “Racing & Retracing” album. Rich was professional and we were able to get the recording done well in a relatively short time. In addition to producing the tracks, Rich also added some harmony vocals, guitar, and a drum track to give the songs a more full sound. He got my input along the way and made some small changes as I requested until the final product was better than I had initially envisioned. In fact, one of the songs, “Leaving It All Behind,” was selected as a Critic’s Choice from the Washington Post. Studio14 has some great equipment, but it’s really takes a well-experienced professional to utilize that equipment to its full potential. You can’t go wrong with Rich at Studio14.”

Chris Hartwell, Singer Songwriter/Pianist.