Guitar and Ukulele Lessons

Basic Guitar  · Classical Guitar · Jazz Guitar · Rock Guitar · Bluegrass Guitar · Folk Guitar , Blues Guitar and Country chicken picking.

Rich Bischoff teaches private guitar instruction to beginning, intermediate, and advanced level students of all ages.

In addition to learning basic guitar which involves chords, strumming and finger picking patterns, simple songs, and reading music, students can also receive expert instruction in styles such as fingerstyle, classical, jazz, blues, bluegrass, folk, classic rock, rockabilly, country chicken picking, shred, 80’s metal and more.

As well as teaching guitar, Rich also teaches ukulele and bass guitar, he is an accomplished performer and songwriter who can teach you basic songwriting techniques and give performance advice.


Below are examples of the kinds of styles of guitar you will learn through guitar lessons.

Acoustic Guitar

Blues Guitar

Country guitar:

Jazz Guitar

Rock Guitar

More Rock Guitar

Even More Rock Guitar

Lesson Example

Song Writing and Performance