Rich Bischoff is a guitarist/singer songwriter/producer/guitar instructor from Utah. Rich is known for his outstanding guitar musicianship, impressive song writing, raw vocals, and a modern sound. His latest release Turn Off The Noise is a self produced album of original songs with Rich singing as well as playing all the instruments. The quality of his music is as good as anything you would hear on the radio or better. At age 13 using money from his paper route, Rich bought his first guitar from a Sears catalog. At age 17 he studied guitar under USU university professor Mike Christiansen. With over 20 years of experience with the guitar he has played in a multitude of bands in Northern Utah including Animation, Brother Sage, The Wind River Band, GearHead, The Moment, Red Shot Pony and Stone Road. Rich currently plays with the Rich Bischoff Trio and the Quinn Brown Project. He is involved in other side projects, including teaching private guitar lessons, solo performances and running a recording studio. Rich has been involved in music production for more than 30 years, and records local artists for reasonable rates.

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