So for about a year now I’ve had a key on my Yamaha Motif keyboard, that sticks and then slowly comes back up. I searched YouTube on how to fix this but found that people were replacing keys(ordering a replacement),then I happened upon a video where a guy just swapped out a key from higher up the keyboard with the one low he was replacing. YouTube videos are amazing. Step by step how to replace swap out a key on the keyboard. Needless to say I did this and now, with both keys swapped, neither one is sticking, not sure why the one sticking doesn’t stick in its new location, but don’t care as long as it stays that way.

The reason I finally did this is my daughter had learned a song that she wanted to record on the keyboard, but the song used the one key that kept sticking. Problem was solved and we then proceeded to record a her beautiful version of Panic At The Diso’s “This is Gospel”. Vocals were done on a Blue Bluebird Mic, through a Neve 511 preamp. The piano sound is stock Grand Piano sound from the Yamaha Motif 8, I then added a little bass, guitar and a drum track. Vocals were processed with Slate Plugins VMR and Waves CLA 76 Blue. I should also mention that the keyboard/piano track was run through a Art MPA tube preamp, driving the tubes a little to give it a little warmth. Drums were done with SSD4 drums. We will eventually put a real drum track on it. When I say real I mean one played by a human. You can listen to the track below.


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