In December I wanted to try out my new electronic gimbal for my phone. I have not shot any music videos on a phone before. My first thought is that I wanted to try a one shot video. I found one of my favorite spots in a park from my childhood and with the snow covered trail, it really added a little magic to the song. The phone used was the a Samsung S8+. I am surprised how far we have come with phone video technology. Not quite and sharp and smooth as my DLSR, but this proved to me that it could be done. It ended up being a two shot video which I then chopped up and added some visual effect to. Special thanks to my daughter for recording this tune, microphone on voice was a Blue Bluebird, though a Neve mic pre and then into Reaper. I recorded the acoustic guitar with a Octava MC12. I doubled then panned the parts. Bass was recorded direct through a Focusrite ISA One mic preamp, and the electric guitar was recorded though an Avid Eleven Rack. Proof that you can get good results with minimal gear. Watch the video below.


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