Listen to Production Samples

The following tracks were recorded, mixed and mastered at Studio 14.


Chunky by Quinn Brown Project

Emma Larson – Happy

The Weather Man by Matt Michaelis

This is Gospel by Saige

I Got Ya by Matt Michaelis featuring Shawni Rae

Scream by Jenn Tru


Hard To Write You

Seasons Change

Animation, Final Destination

Animation, Re-Animation

Rich Bischoff, Mine Again

I Don’t Need Her


Waves and the Sand by Cary Laine

Love for the Ages by Cary Laine

Boots and Pearls by Cary Laine

You Loved Me You Left Me by Jenn Tru

You Break Me by Jenn Tru


Barbaloot Suitz, Around

Tina Ferguson

Tina Ferguson 2

The Neighbors

Paul Christiansen 1

Paul Christiansen 2

Paul Christiansen 3