New Album

So I will be posting new songs as I finish them on this page. The first one is a tune called “Find Your Reason” it features Brandon Chappell on drums and is a little anthemy rock tune. You can “find your own reason” for the meaning of the tune, pun intended. I have never been one to explain why I wrote a tune or give its full meaning as I think songs should be personal to the listener and they can take away from the lyric and the feeling of the song what it means for them. So without further ado, here is my latest tune “Find Your Reason”.

Find Your Reason You can right click on the tittle and click “save link as” to download this song. Thanks for listening!


Hard To Write You…

This next song was a bit of challenge. I was really in a deep writers block, was probably somewhat depressed and not that interested in music at the time. Nothing really major was going on in my life, so not to inspired. But this song came out of it. Recorded a few years ago, this song is about writers block, but it could also have a double meaning as it may be considered a song about a relationship, or a relationship with a song for that matter… Anyway take a listen, you can right click the tittle and select save link as to download the tune below. Enjoy!

Hard To Write You