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Studio Musician/Producer

Rich is a professional studio musician, has been playing guitar since the mid 1980’s and plays all styles of guitar. If you would like studio tracks recorded, whether it be guitar, bass, keyboard, drums, banjo, mandolin, dobro etc… and don’t live close by, send an mp3 of your song to Rich. (Typically just a recording of the vocal track and one instrument will do) Include with your mp3, the tempo of the song, the time signature, a description of the sound you are going for(IE reference to a song on the web for Rich to listen to) and Rich will do the rest. When finished Rich will either send you the finished wave files for you to mix, or you can send Rich your separate vocal and finished instrument tracks for him to mix and master. For more information, contact Rich at, or call 435-720-3345. Listen to sample tracks here.