Studio Testimonials

Cary Laine from the “Voice Season Six” talks about her music and about working with Rich at Studio 14.
becc4fcf9ab9665723364b8ef50f6986_original“I was lucky enough through moving to Pinedale and playing at the Rock Rabbit, to meet Rich Bischoff with “Studio 14″ and we played a little bit of music together, and then I Facebooked and online stalked him and found out he had this super awesome studio. I really needed to record some stuff and it was a really great experience. Top notch, everything sounds good, I have been super pleased with everything. It was fun, chill, laid back and top notch product. Rich really listened to all my girly descriptions of how I want stuff to sound, he gets it, and it has just come together really really well!” Cary Laine

“I live in CA, and worked with Rich remotely by sending my tracks to be mixed, processed, and mastered. He also added drums and other things as needed (he has a great network of musicians to access). I was 100 percent satisfied with the final product – Rich is responsive, efficient, knowledgeable, flexible, and has all the tools required to be able to make great sounding songs. As a musician, songwriter, singer, and producer, he “gets” the whole process and makes it very easy. Best of all, his rates are very reasonable. As a result, this year I am very excited to be recording my entire EP this way. It’s really awesome to just record the tracks and have him finish it off! Looking forward to sending future work his way!”

Matt Michaelis

“Our recording experience with Rich was exceptional! As a newer band at the time, this was one of the first studios that we had the privilege of working in. Rich provided a relaxed atmosphere, that made us feel right at home, while at the same time worked very efficiently and professionally. The studio had top notch equipment, that is frequently upgraded and Rich has a great ear for any style of music. We were very happy with the finished product and now, having spent time in other studios, we would recommend anyone to Rich Bischoff!”

~The Neighbors~

“My experiences recording with Rich Bischoff at Studio 14 have been many, and they have always turned out better than I had imagined they could ever be. Over several years I have recorded three full-length records and two EPs at Studio 14, and Rich has always been a great producer to work with. Whether I was working on a simple stripped down song with just vocals and guitar or a full band rock tune with kicking’ drums and screaming guitars, Rich has helped me achieve the direction I was going for, both sonically and structurally. Rich has a bevy of great gear, and his studio and recording capabilities are always expanding and getting even more impressive. No matter what stage of your musical exploration you’re in, from first studio experience to making your debut album, Studio 14 is the place to go. You’ll always get you a recording that sounds like you just stepped out of a big-name California studio costing you a lot more green, and Rich Bischoff will do everything he can to get you the record you want and the record you deserve!!”

Paul Christiansen, singer songwritter, multi-instrumentalist.

“Rich Bischoff and Studio 14 get the job done. With a musician’s ear and a knack for gear Rich will help you create a solid product.”

Austin Weyand, Fingerstyle Guitarist.

“I worked with Rich at Studio14 to record two tracks for my “Racing & Retracing” album. Rich was professional and we were able to get the recording done well in a relatively short time. In addition to producing the tracks, Rich also added some harmony vocals, guitar, and a drum track to give the songs a more full sound. He got my input along the way and made some small changes as I requested until the final product was better than I had initially envisioned. In fact, one of the songs, “Leaving It All Behind,” was selected as a Critic’s Choice from the Washington Post. Studio14 has some great equipment, but it’s really takes a well-experienced professional to utilize that equipment to its full potential. You can’t go wrong with Rich at Studio14.”

Chris Hartwell, Singer Songwriter/Pianist.