I am hoping this will be on my new record. It’s a bit of a play on words with my last name. My nickname growing up was Bish and good friends still call me Bish. This song touches a little bit on depression with a little schizo/bipolar involved as well. Its also about a mix of people or friends I’ve met over the years. To be honest I suffer from anxiety and depression and this tune is my tongue and cheek was of dealing with it. And I have met people over the years who are just down right crazy after you realize who they are. Mostly it was just an excuse to write a blues song and jam a little! The track was recorded at my Studio, Studio 14, and features Brandon Chappell on drums!

This song is basically about how depressed I’ve been for a long time, and trying my hardest to make the decision to be happier. I’ve done way to much contemplating over the last few years. Its time to wake up and start moving, creating, doing, playing, exploring, making new friends etc.,,. It’s amazing how blessed I am, We are! All of us, but how blind we can be to it… If your stuck in your hole, it’s time for you to Awaken! Just do it. Love life! live it! Love the ones your with! Easier said than done, I know, but it’s time. If you ever need someone to talk about it with message me, we can chat, I’m still working through stuff everyday.

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