My friend Brandon who is a drummer stopped by and we did a little drum recording in the studio. We didn’t go to crazy with the microphone set up, a Sampson kick drum mic, Audix mics on the toms, and some cheap small diaphragm condensers on the overheads and still got some great results. Brandon is a great drummer who loves Neil Peart. We recorded a quick drum cover of Red Barchetta by Rush. Drums used were a Yamaha Stage Custom, and a D-drum snare that was Brandon’s. The only processing you hear is some compression on the drum buss provided by the Slate Digital Virtual Mix Rack. The more I record drums the more I find it’s more about the drummer and the way he hits the drums than it is about the gear, I mean the gear helps, but a great drummer matters more than the gear in my opinion. Thanks for watching!

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