So I’ve basically been on the road with these guys the last 4-5 years playing live shows. I finally talked them into recording an album. The whole thing was tracked at my studio, Studio 14. It was ultimately tracked live, meaning the whole band playing together in one room, we then went back and overdubbed as needed. The recording turned out really good and I credit to the fact that as a band we have been playing these songs live for a few years, and that we recorded it live, so I feel as if it has a more human feel to it, not to mention there are some great players in the band. The album is called “Crisis Averted” as we as a band feel we have averted our midlife crisis by being able to play music just about every weekend. It keeps us young. Below are a few tracks from the album. Thanks for checking it out. You can also visit Spotify and listen here Quinn Brown Project “Crisis Averted” .

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