Well supposedly Rock Music is dead. Not in my mind, I am constantly seeking out new artist who are rock based and some part of me misses a Marshall Stack cranked to eleven. “this one goes to eleven”(Spinal Tap Quote). The power of driven guitars will always be part of me and have in a huge way made up the way I approach the guitar. I mean my first real experience with bands and guitars was from listening to bands from the 80’s, the Scorpions, Van Halen, RATT, Rush, Boston etc… Anyway that being said it’s just not a reality anymore for me to haul around a huge guitar amp as much as I love the power and sound. Enter Boss Katana 50. It’s a solid state amp, but it’s loud and does the job for most the gigs I play, and for the money the tone is exceptional.

As I get older the less and less I want to haul gear around to gigs. For Christmas this year, my wife bought me the Boss Katana 50 amp. This thing is a light “solid state amp” with great tone. I have been taking it to small club gigs and it sounds great. Last week I sold an old keyboard I had and bought my first hollow body guitar, an Epiphone with P90’s, So far I am loving it. The guitar is light and the amp is light which will be good on my back. My roadie retired years ago… Now to downsize my pedal board.

Anyway the video below is a demo of both the guitar and amp, with some crunchier tones, and is a cover of a band from the late 90’s early 2000’s called Tonic. This doesn’t mean I still don’t love big powerful tube amps and if the rare stadium or bigger gig presented itself, I would make the effort to haul the bigger rig.

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  1. Mark Gorman says:

    I hear you completely. My current lineup of amps include the Boss Katana 50 (combo). I have always loved Boss pedals and when this came out, I gave it a test at Sam Ash and had to buy it. Very versatile and as you said, very light compared to my half stack. And a 12 inch speaker, all for $200!

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