I was lucky enough to sit down with my old friend Jay and pick his brain about RUSH and growing up playing in a band. Jay was the first bass player I ever played with and the fact that we got to play some of the most complex rock music together with a drummer who could nail down all the beats accurately is still mind blowing to me.

Here is how the conversation went. I just got done teaching guitar and get a message from Jay, who had been living in California. “Dude I am in town, lets jam!” not to different from the phone call I used to get from him in the 80’s. This time it turned into talking and recording a RUSH cover of their song New World Man, which is believed to be one of their easier songs. Not so as we found out, and always a fun and crazy time recording with Jay!

Gear nerds, the bass was recorded though a focusrite ISA One. Drums recorded using audix mics, a few choice condensers as over heads and a rode NTK as a room mic. Guitar was straight into and Eleven Rack with the added 80’s chorus sound. Vocal, a baby bluebird mic into a Neve 511. Edited in Reaper with Slate and Waves plugins.

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