Having a 16 year old helps me keep up on what may or may not be cool. One thing I’ve notice trending lately are 80’s synth sounds making a come back in music. Which I don’t mind, for me it’s a nostalgic thing that takes me back to being my daughters age, or even younger. When she lets me hear some of the songs she listens to and they have a throw back sound to the 80’s, it makes me feel lucky I got to grow up in the 80’s.

So Saige was playing this tune in the studio on my Keyboard one night and I was like “lets just record it”. I’m lucky enough to have a few synth sounds and some decent samples. After Saige recorded the synth/keyboard parts and sang the vocals, I added the guitars drums and bass to this tune by Borns’, “Electric Love”. Recording throw back sounds is a good time. It’s also fun to put your own twist on a song. Watch the video below, and go subscribe to her YouTube channel!


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