This is my first collaboration with my 16 year old daughter. She rocks! I got a drone for Christmas and after filming a little bit with my drone, and having a lot of time off for Christmas we recorded one of my favorite songs from the 80’s Everybody Wants To Rule The World, but Tears For Fears. I basically recorded the basic tracks and then had Saige add her keyboard parts. We recorded the vocals and guitars together. For you gear nerds, I used the telecaster you see in the video to record the guitar parts, using a Line 6 Helix LT for the guitar parts, specificity the Fender amp and Mesa Lone Star amp models. Vocals were recorded with the Rode NTK tube microphone, both mine and Saiges, into a Neve 511 microphone preamp. I use Slate and Waves Plugins for mixing. This was a really fun song and video to do and I am really proud how it turned out.

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