Over the weekend, I got to play a few gigs revolving around the Golden Spike on 25th Streen in Ogden, the meeting of the rails. It was good fun, but not something I usually do. The night ended with some good Rock and Country music jams at a little club in Layton Utah. It was a long day. But any day behind a guitar is a good day. Especially if your getting paid. I documented the day a little and here it is.

Gear heads, I used the following gear this weekend, and it did not disappoint.

Boss Katana 50

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  1. Joao Ventura says:

    Hi Rich,

    I love your reviews, so i want to ask your opinnion.
    I have several guitars, but now i want to buy an Harley Benton guitar, i want a guitar that sounds like Les paul and fender strat or Tele with push pull i play blues and metal can you advice me?
    I looked for Cst 24t and also sc custom 2
    Thanks from Portugal

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