How many times has the sound guy handed you a recording from the sound board, only to pop it in your CD player, or pull it up on DropBox, and have you say every time, “there has got to be a better way.” “We don’t sound like that.”?

A mix from the sound guys board never translates because they are mixing around the stage volume, sound coming directly off stage from drums and guitar cabinets. A mix from the board ends up being vocal heavy and in no way something you want to share with you fans or friends.

There are several solutions these days. Presounus offers a wide range of mixers that record every track separately while doing your live sound at the same time. I already have a great interface in my studio, so I was looking for a better cost effective solution that I could pack with me on the road. Something that takes up little space but gets the job done well. In this video I talk about a couple of cost effective ways to record your band live on a budget, and I mean for less than $400 in gear, including the mics etc. I also include another video below featuring the band I play in. All the audio you hear was recorded using a Zoom R24, and a cheap drum mic kit I found on Amazon called Pyle-Pro PDKM7, for less than $100. The video also features some of my mixing techniques, using Reaper, Waves and Slate Plugin’s. Sorry the audio was a bit noisy in this one. Thanks for watching! Comment below!

Recording your band live on a budget

Quinn Brown Project road vlog

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