Guitar playing and all things guitar is really where my heart is. Last year I had the privilege of interview Austin Weyand a local finger style guitarist here in Utah. This video features his interview and also how I record electric and acoustic guitar. I also show my pedal board, it is always changing by the way. So the version you see in this video is not the current, I am constantly chasing tone, for live and in the recording studio.

In this video I am recording electric guitar using a ribbon mic and a Sure sm57, both a little off axis. Mixing a ribbon mic and a sm57 has been my go to for recording guitar cabinets for few years now. You just blend to taste and can usually capture an accurate representation of what is really coming out of the speaker or what your ears really hear. In this video I recorded Austin’s acoustic guitar with a ribbon mic and a small diaphragm condenser using an omni capsule. Thanks for watching!

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